The First Good Man Group

     We’re ….The First Good Man Group Foreign Worker Employment Agency Co., Ltd. is engaged in all kinds of business related to foreign workers. Our business began at the beginning of 2003 under the name “The First Good Man Recruitment Co., Ltd.” We are one of the first foreign worker employment agency companies which provide this kind of services with an objective of importing foreign workers of 4 nationalities which are deficient in Thailand for all kinds of business. The importation of foreign workers are conducted under the system of employment between states known as MOU protocol. 

     Later in 2016, the government announced a new law of foreign workers is the Royal Ordinance on Importation of Foreign Workers to Work for Employers in the Country B.E. 2559, In order to comply with and to show our responsibilities, sincerity, transparency of work and ability to be inspected, build confidence with our employer. The Company has place a collateral (Cash) in the amount of 5,000,000 Baht (Five Million Baht Only) with the Ministry of Labor and registered its new name in compliance with the provisions of law Section 44 are; “The First Good Man Group Foreign Worker Employment Agency Co., Ltd.

We are committed to providing Thai employers who wanted to use legal foreign workers, with the service fee is reasonable and according to Government Policy. We recognized to import worker by two virtues are the import of labor by quality and virtue. 

- Quality is a good worker, hardworking, less problem, reliable. 

- Morality is a good job, good employers and workers have good jobs and good income.

Our vision and quality policy: 

"Professional team members who have potential and are united in foreign worker field. The team is ready to provide service to meet the clients’ satisfaction.”

Our Service

Importing foreign workers by MOU Protocol

Importing foreign workers by MOU
(old worker/ appointed worker)

Service of Foreign Worker care and Management
(Semi-Subcontract) for HR Team

Renewal of foreign worker’s Document
(finishes visas for 2 years and 4 years)

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